Being scaredofrain

I have a vague memory from my childhood. My family was visiting my grandparents in Maine, and my mother, younger sister Heather and I were out running errands with my grandmother. At one point, my grandmother mentioned being “scatterbrained”. Later that day my little sister asked my mom, “Why is Grammy scared of rain?” – after a little confusion, we realized she misunderstood “scatterbrained” as “scaredofrain” (Think skay-uhd of rain) – easy to do with my Grandmother’s Maine accent.

It’s a silly little memory but one that pops into my mind a lot. I’m pretty scatterbrained naturally, but add a newborn to the mix and I’m just warning you right now that scatterbrained becomes a huge understatement. On Thursday I was bringing Logan to the airport to meet up with his Dad for the flight back to Vermont. We were inside the airport, heading towards security before I gasped, “I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE I PARKED” Logan (who probably rolled his eyes) said calmly, “Level 3”

It’s a really, really good thing I have such a smart, grounded, attentive to detail kind of kid. Heaven knows I’m not.

What’s your most recent SCAREDOFRAIN moment?


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