Baby Update

This post may not be one that you care to read if you are a) a man and b) weirded out by childbirth. Look, I’m just throwing it out there!

So as most of you know by now, I’m currently 8 days past my EDD. I never thought I’d get to this point, because Logan came right on time and things progressed pretty much how they are supposed to. Today we went into the doctor so I could be monitored to make sure Beckett’s heartrate is ok and that my amniotic fluid levels are good, etc. The good (no, great!) news is that he is doing very well. Everything looks awesome and they estimate him to be about 8 lbs. Logan was 8lbs 5oz, so I’m ok with that.

The not so great news is that my body is just not progressing the way they want it to at this stage in my pregnancy. Most doctors do not want you to carry a baby past 42 weeks because it can introduce complications. If I was really hardcore, I’d insist on going until things happen on their own, but with that comes a lot of testing on a regular basis to monitor him – with 3 other children to juggle, my husband’s job, etc – it just seems overwhelming.

We talked through a few different options – I refused a few, but the bottom line is that they have scheduled me for an induction on Friday morning.

I am happy and sad about this – I am happy because there is an end in sight. My little boy is healthy and thriving and that is a huge blessing. I know that if things go well, we’ll have our little guy sometime on Friday or maybe early Saturday morning. The sadness comes from not understanding why this pregnancy isn’t progressing like my first. I have a hard time balancing the desire for him to be here, and the desire to keep him as safe and healthy as possible without using drugs to get him here. It feels very much like failing and that is currently pretty hard for me to swallow.

So, my dearest friends – I could use your prayers. Prayers for peace, for comfort – prayers that Todd and I feel reassurance that we are doing the right thing for our son. And of course, prayers for the doctors that they use wisdom and that I can have a birth that is as complication free as possible.

I would really love that from you all – and looking at the brightside – at some point this weekend I’ll have my newborn in my arms and that is a blessing to be more than thankful for.


10 thoughts on “Baby Update”

  1. Hang in there Miranda!! You are doing great. Maybe he’ll surprise you and you’ll begin labor before Friday AM. I will certainly keep you ALL in my prayers. 🙂

  2. Just like children, all pregnancies, and labors, are different. I had 3 children and 3 completely different pregnancies and birth stories, and my 4th is just as unique as the rest. Maybe this is a precursor to what little Beckett will be like when he comes into the world! Hey, I’m late for everything too! lol Maybe he’ll be one chill, relaxed kiddo. 🙂

    Please, please don’t feel like a failure! 😦 You are NOT a failure. All I can think of are the mom’s who are BEGGING to be induced or to have a c-section as soon as they hit 37 weeks. THAT is a selfish failure in my eyes. {Well, unless there’s a medical reason of course.} You are one STRONG mama! You have pushed through and made it past what most mom’s could never do! You never know, you may go into labor before induction is necessary. You don’t know how many times I’ve heard of woman going into labor the night before their induction, or even their waters breaking on the way TOO the hospital for induction. 🙂 Luckily, we’re blessed to live in a world where doctors are there to help and deliver our babies when it’s just not safe for them to stay in any longer.

    You, little Beckett, and Todd, are in my thoughts and prayers and will stay there!!

  3. Friend, my body would never dilate a single centimeter without pitocin. I had 3 induced labors with no complications. Each time I was more scared than the first that my luck would run out, but everything turned out ok. You and Beckett will be ok. And you are NOT failing him. Everything is happening according to God’s plan. But I will of course pray for you both. Lots of luck and best of luck on a beautiful birth for a beautiful boy.

  4. Oh honey I feel your pain!! Been there done that. Keep focused that God is in control and He knows what He’s doing!!! Praying for you both!!

  5. I’m right there with Amy. Had to be induced with both boys b/c my body just wouldn’t dilate on it’s own. Don’t feel like a failure! You have given your son a safe home within the womb for many months! Now it’s time to hold him safely in your arms. I’ll be praying for you.

  6. I’m sure everything will work itself out. Both my sister and I were born 2 weeks after our due dates. P.S. I always call my imaginary future children Logan and Beckett, I just love those names together.

  7. I am what you would consider “hard core” natural birth person. With 2 home births. But if I were in your shoes, I would totally take the path you are on. There does come a point where intervening does need to happen. And good for you for even researching everything when so many people just choose to have there babies scheduled for convenience. I would still say your a natural mamma 🙂 Prayers.

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