God in a Box

Yesterday was an interesting day to be part of Christian ministry in the Charlotte area.

Between secular music on Easter Sunday, Twitter updates about attendance and salvation numbers and services saturated with technology it can almost feel like a competition between churches. I saw some debate and argument on the social networking sites – people complaining about other churches, their attempts to reach the disconnected, the music they chose for their services, etc.

I got thinking last night as I was lying in bed, overcome with insomnia (of course)…why do we put God in a box? Don’t get me wrong – I do it myself at times, so there is no judgment here. There are times I feel like church and worship is supposed to look kind of like this:

But why? Why does it matter what church “looks” like? Don’t we have faith that God can work in the hearts of people in different ways? Shouldn’t we trust that God can use anything – ANYTHING – to touch the heart of someone who is disconnected from Him?

Interesting when you use Google images to look up the word worship, images come up that look more like celebration at a concert than the first picture I posted.

I guess my point in all this is it’s easy to criticize and feel judgmental because we have God in a box in our minds. What if we changed our mentality, and took God out of the box? What if we looked at the attempts of others to reach the disconnected as an exciting chance for God to show us just how great and magnificent He really is? People’s lives can be changed in the simplest of moments, in the loudest chorus of a rock song, through the prayer of a pastor, or with the unconditional acceptance from a stranger. And if something seemingly secular or frivolous interests a disconnected person enough to walk through the doors of a church and listen to a message about Jesus Christ, isn’t that the whole point? Isn’t that what matters in the end?

The journey of how they got there is unimportant. What gets one person to walk through the doors of a church may not work for their neighbor down the street. All of the different tactics and attempts come from one divine purpose – to connect the disconnected to God.

Like my husband always reminds me, “Worship is anything that puts God at the center” – and if someone is sitting in the seats of a church feeling interested in a relationship with Jesus Christ for the first time…that’s worship…even if it’s through the ear blasting chorus of a Foo Fighters song.

So take God out of the box and watch what happens. You just might be amazed.


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