Helicopter Mom?

This morning I dropped my son off at school, like I do 5 days a week – and as I drove off, I felt the same pit in my stomach that I do every time.

I have no idea why I always feel sad dropping him off at school. He goes to a great school and has a great teacher. He does well and is on the honor roll. I enjoy my free time during the day while he’s there…but yet, I can’t help but feel worried and protective every time I see him walking into the school. When he was really little – kindergarten and first grade- the sight of his backpack bouncing up and down as he disappeared behind the big glass doors often brought me to tears.

After I drive away, I always pray for his day and for his safety and protection. Today was no exception, but I did wonder…am I a helicopter Mom? As if the title and name of Mom isn’t hard enough to try to live up to – now I might be a specific KIND of Mom. Tiger Mom, Helicopter Mom…there are a lot of different terms and labels out there to describe a parenting style.

It’s pretty overwhelming to think how much you can love another person – especially one that you have to force to take showers and eat carrots. (Hopefully at different times – eating carrots in the shower would probably deem me a different kind of Mom altogether…) And it doesn’t seem to matter how much time passes, or how old and independent he gets – he still stirs up that same kind of protective love from me that he did when he was first placed in my arms 10 years ago.

There was a time (ok, a long time) the thought of having more children terrified me. There were several reasons for this, but one of the biggest reasons was that I couldn’t imagine having to juggle those worried, fearful, overwhelming, knock the air out of you kind of feelings for another child. It was hard enough with one – how in the world could I balance those fears and dreams and hopes for another?

I still feel that way sometimes, as LBH’s arrival looms in the not so distant future. I know he will be loved and cherished and an amazing little addition to our family. But man…I’m going to need to toughen up a little bit.


One thought on “Helicopter Mom?”

  1. i was the exact same way with caleb. and since mine are so far apart, i was like that with him for many many years. but when mikey came along, it was just easier to relax. (not that i’m relaxed by much!) first you know what you’re doing this time. and you know that you can’t be with them all the time. you just have to trust that God loves them more than you do and He wants only the best for them. you are a great mom miranda and LBH is lucky to have you!!!

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