Cupcakes of Love…

My friend is having a birthday tomorrow – and of course, being a person who adores baking for a PURPOSE (as opposed to how I normally bake which is usually when anything or everything looks good to me, and then it sits around our house…) I made sure to tell her that I would be more than happy to bake her some cupcakes.

The best time to bake is when you can unload your goodies on someone else, right? I try to keep one or two around here for the boys to taste test, but then I want the stuff OUT. I have a pretty major sweet tooth and right now I could definitely blame it on pregnancy and surround myself with sugar all day, but I make a good effort not to.

Anyway, I went online in search of some delicious and creative cupcakes to make. I almost always start with my favorite baking blogs, and this time was no exception. I quickly found a recipe for Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes and my mind was made up. Chocolate? Strawberries? Buttercream? Chocolate Covered Strawberries ON Strawberry Buttercream?

Yes. Please.

This particular recipe used a doctored up cake mix, which (being a snobby little baking purist) I have never done. But I have heard miraculous things happen when you add pudding mix to cake mix so I decided I would try it out.

I’m not going to lie – these cupcakes are like little clouds of chocolate. They are moist and fluffy and really, really delicious. Piped on top of that a creamy, pillowy strawberry puree infused buttercream and topped with a chocolate covered strawberry (Can you tell I never get tired of describing these things?)

These were seriously fun to make! If you want to give them a try check out My Baking Addiction


One thought on “Cupcakes of Love…”

  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i ADORE chocolate covered strawberries!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am honored beyond belief that you would make these for me! and then blog about them!!!! i’m blown away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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