Squealing Around the Bases

My sister Heather and I have a few code words or phrases that probably only make sense to us.

So it wasn’t surprising that yesterday when I texted her, “I am squealing around the bases” that she called me within 30 seconds to find out what was going on.

Now, I haven’t told this story to many people but I felt the need to share it with you guys.

I’m not an athlete. In fact, I have very, very little…if any…athletic ability. I hate competitive sports. I was THAT girl in gym class – the one you all hated. The girl who cowered with her hands over her head during volleyball. It wasn’t that I didn’t TRY to be athletic, in fact, I joined the softball team and the basketball team in Junior High. I spent most of my time hiding behind the dugout at the beginning of each inning so that the coach couldn’t find me and put me up to bat though…

But I digress. So there I was, in gym class one afternoon – playing kickball and none too happy about it. You know the basic idea to this, right? The pitcher rolls a ball at the kicker who then kicks the ball and runs around the bases accordingly. Since we were playing in a school gym, there were basketball hoops on either side of the “baseball diamond”. If you were lucky enough to kick the ball THROUGH a hoop, it was an automatic home run.

Are you picturing this? I’m up for bat…or kick, whatever – the ball is rolled at me, I give it a good kick and watch (I’m pretty sure this part happened in slow motion, with Chariots of Fire playing in the background) as the ball sails effortlessly through the air and swishes THROUGH A BASKETBALL HOOP! The crowd goes wild! People jump up on their feet and cheer with deafening power.

Ok, not exactly. But the ball DID swish through the hoop, and I DID get to run around the bases and score a home run. And because this kind of thing never happened to me, I was overcome with excitement and realized halfway around that I was making this odd excited squealing sound. Seriously. Like when a toddler gets overstimulated by something fun.

Are you following this? The long story short is that whenever I get seriously excited about something, I use the phrase, “Squealing around the bases” Sure this phrase could conjure up feelings of humiliation, because honestly, WHO squeals around the bases…and yet, I actually did. But instead, I choose to roll with my extreme level of nerdiness – and it has been a really good way to describe good moments in my life.


I adore baking blogs – no shock there, right? And this week Jamie from My Baking Addiction AND Amanda from I Am Baker have visited MY blog and left comments. Yes, MY little blog with the bad iPhone photography and run on sentences. To me, these ladies are blog celebrities and I admire their work, creativity and sheer talent.


Catch my drift?

What was your most recent “squealing around the bases” moment?


2 thoughts on “Squealing Around the Bases”

  1. that’s awesome mir!!! i love it when ppl i admire follow my blog. (hint hint)

    i have those moments daily. i think it’s the kid part of me that has never grown up! the little things make me act like a toddler. i’m not always proud of it, but there it is! 🙂

  2. I love that! It actually reminds me of Dana! Lol (She’s a squeeler.) I’m trying to think of my most recent “Squeeling around the bases.” Moment…I feel so overly emotional lately I’ve been having them often. Finally picking a name, finding a bedding set, lol all baby related sadly. Oh! Oh! Oh! I know LEAH POTTY TRAINING!!! Yes, that was an amazingly awesome moment. 🙂 PS My sisters and I have our own little codes too, I think it must be a sister thing. 🙂

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