It’s A…

Just in case you forgot 😉

Ok, in all honesty – if you’re my Facebook friend you saw me post about this blog: I Am Baker . I was seriously amazed…for hours. And hours. I can’t lie. And you know my Superwoman thing…so today I was really excited to try a few new techniques I read about on her blog.

The first one was making cookie shapes when you don’t have a cookie cutter. This was surprisingly easy. I printed shapes onto photo paper, and then cut around them. Rolled out my dough on a silpat mat, stuck it in the freezer for a few minutes to get nice and sturdy. Once the dough came out, I could trace my cookie shape with a sharp knife. Time consuming, but easy if you’re in a bind!

Then I wanted to try some decorating. I’m horrible at decorating, and I’ll be the first to admit. This attempt wasn’t great, and definitely NOT professional looking but it was a good start for me.

If you want to challenge yourself with some crazy baking ideas and techniques, check out the blog I mentioned above. It has everything from vertical layer cakes, to making your own fondant and like I mentioned…making your own cookie cutters.

Have fun!


5 thoughts on “It’s A…”

  1. They look like a pros cookies to me! I checked out that site, and while I was amazed and intrigued I was way overwhelmed! lol I’ve never been a baker and can’t even ice a cake without it looking TERRIBLE! But I love looking at pretty cakes and cookies and even more so love eating them! lol

    1. I love how you get overwhelmed and I immediately want to try every single thing I see. Hahaha. But really, it’s so much fun!

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