How do YOU read magazines?

Around 3:15 today, I headed over to Logan’s school to sit in the car rider line to pick him up.

(Side note: Do y’all know that there are parents who show up at 2:30 to pick up their kids when the bell rings at 3:30?  Here’s what I don’t understand- I can arrive at 3:15-3:20 and be home by 3:45.  That’s 20 ish minutes compared to 60.  I don’t get it…)

While I was waiting, I picked up my Good Housekeeping magazine and opened right to the middle.  Then I started reading backwards toward the front, and I caught myself about halfway through.  I realized this is generally how I read ALL my magazines.  I love magazines like my husband loves his New York Times.  I realize this may make me seem far less intellectual, but I love the pretty pictures of shoes and desserts and funny articles on parenting.  And let’s face it, the New York Times doesn’t have 5 New Uses for a Paper Doily like Real Simple does.

Ahem.  WHAT.  Everyone should know multiple uses for a paper doily…because everyone has extras hanging around the house, right?  RIGHT?

I think I read magazines in the same way that I approach life.  Dive right in the middle, and then work my way toward the beginning.  Jump in with both feet and then think through where I should be headed.  Sometimes this is really, really fun and sometimes I realize I should have started by carefully reading the front cover and proceeding in an orderly fashion…

How do you read your magazines, and what are your favorites?


7 thoughts on “How do YOU read magazines?”

  1. This is great Miranda, I read mine from either the middle or end to the front. I didn’t think anyone else did! 🙂

  2. I call Mel a toe dipper. He dips his toe in life, making sure the temp is just right, making sure he’s making the right choice before slowly making his way in. Me? I run, and jump right in! No toe dipping for me. I never thought that the way I read magazines, by diving right in, would be a good analogy for that as well!

  3. Oh, friend, I have to be honest with how I roll when it comes to magazines. I read the Glee issue of People, cover to cover, twice. The other night I couldn’t resist buying Cosmo (which is not the magazine for our “situation” haha) solely for the reason of Lea Michele (hot, hot, HOT) being the cover model. I read only her interview; the magazine is now collecting dust in the living room (though it remains visible for my viewing pleasure haha). 🙂

  4. Hi, my name is Amy and I’m a magazine addict. I’ve really tried to cut back on them lately. Like you, I love the pictures. And, sometimes a few minutes to read a few pages is all I have the time and/or attention span for. I love Southern Living and also Real Simple. A new one I fell in love with in a Dr. office waiting room is the Disney Family Fun magazine. I used to get In Style but I got tired of never being able to afford anything in the magazine. I love shelter mags like Country Living, Flea Market Style. Hmm, I think I could talk to you for a while about magazines. lol. Anyway, I read mine front to back unless there is a cover feature I want to get right to first. But then when I finish that I go right back to the beginning and read in order. I think this must be one of the only ways my being a virgo shows itself. lol. Oh my, don’t you get the feeling we could talk all the air out of a room if we ever got to hang out?

  5. front to back with no skipping pages or going back to the beginning until i’m done. however i do dog-ear the pages i’m interested in and will go back to those once i’m done. then it’s free reign and i can read it however i choose. but normally i go back to the beginning and start over. my mom-in-law gets tons of magazines and ALWAYS passes them on to me. and i pass them on from there. i’ll save my next batch for you!

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