…started out a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.  I swear everything I walked by fell off the wall.  Everything I touched, I knocked over.  Everything I held, I dropped.  I was putting laundry in the washing machine and a pair of jeans caught the lid and toppled it over on my hand.  I spent an hour scrubbing our shower stall and its awful glass doors and let’s just say it was less than fun.


There were 2 good things that happened today.  The first one is that I *finally* attempted a Cheerwine glazed donut.  Y’all know that Krispy Kreme released a Cheerwine donut last year – with mixed reviews.  I had a bite of one and hated it.  A few friends challenged me to redo the recipe…making a Cheerwine GLAZED donut.  I thought about it for months.  I’ve never made a donut before.  But, I figured – replace the liquid in a regular glaze recipe with Cheerwine and how hard can it be?

We’ve talked about this before, right?  My superwoman complex?  This idea that I can do things I probably can’t?

But tonight I decided I would give it a go…

I found a seemingly fool proof donut recipe.  I researched frying and how to do it correctly.  I read a LOT of the reviews on the donut recipe.  And I got ready.

I carefully and very exactly measured everything – including temperatures – to make sure the dough rose like it was supposed to.  Sometimes, I get impatient and kill yeast.  I don’t have anything against yeast and I don’t mean to kill it.  It just happens.

I mixed the ingredients together:

PS…kneading bread dough is WAY easier with a Kitchen Aid.  *swoon*

Now it was time to put the dough in the oven to rise:

And…it ROSE!

(Here is where I MAY or MAY NOT HAVE done a “My dough is rising” happy dance and high fived myself.)

I gently rolled out the dough and cut out the donut shapes – let rise again until about double.

Gave a big ol’ Chuck Norris roundhouse kick to the face of deep frying FEAR and heated the oil to 350 degrees.  I slid the donuts into the oil and got to FRYIN y’all!  (What, I watched Paula Deen today…I can’t help it)

When golden, I removed from the oil (or ole as Paula calls it) and set on racks to drip.  Also, if you try this, make sure to put a cookie sheet underneath to catch that ole.  It gets real messy.

While still warm, it was time to dip the donuts in glaze.

Side note: My glaze was a sorry, sorry attempt at a Cheerwine flavor.  I tried everything.  I tried reducing the soda down to a syrup for a stronger flavor.  I tried adding cream cheese for a thicker glaze.  I tried adding lots of Cheerwine and lots of sugar.  But in the end, I got a mostly sugar flavored with a hint of Cheerwine glaze that isn’t at ALL what I was hoping for.  Ah well.  They still taste pretty good and I’m proud of my very first attempt at making donuts!

Mmmmm.  This is where you proceed to eat a warm, freshly glazed donut and do another happy dance.  Perhaps another high five with yourself.  You know, if you were a geek.  Which I’m not.

Also…the 2nd good thing that happened to me today?  I finally figured out how to email (AND DELETE) multiple pictures at one time from my iPhone.  I’ve only had the darn thing for a year.  I had all but decided it must be impossible.  Thank goodness for Google.


4 thoughts on “Today…”

  1. Way to go, Mir, wow!! Also, I heart Cheerwine. It’s not super easy to find up here, but it’s possible; and believe me, I do, every now ans again, go out of my way to get one. 🙂

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