Snackless on Super Bowl Sunday??

I feel a little guilty.

It’s Super Bowl Sunday – and I have prepared nothing fun for my family.  Sure, football isn’t my thing – but baking is!  Why aren’t I baking some delicious football shaped cakes or cookies?  WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH ME?

Fortunately, I get distracted easily by baking blogs with their promises of easy, delicious recipes and beautiful photographs – and after perusing one for awhile, I decided to try out one of the easier (and baking-less) recipes.

I blame my friend Stefanie.

She made some cookies the other night – these yummy chewy chocolate cookies with a surprise peanut butter center.  She posted the link to the blog where she got the recipe.  And I was reading said recipe when I got sidetracked by the rest of the blog and spent far too much time reading about bacon popcorn and cookies.  I don’t even LIKE bacon, but bacon recipes intrigue me.  Not because they sound tempting and I want to give them a try.  Mostly because it makes me want to gag.

Anyway…here’s the blog I was reading, and here’s the recipe I tried.  Once they are finished chilling, we’ll see how they turn out:

No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

But even with a chocolatey, peanut butter, gooey oatmeal dessert…I feel ashamed for not having dips and appetizers and other yummies for the boys.  Ah well.


Happy Super Bowl Sunday!


1 thought on “Snackless on Super Bowl Sunday??”

  1. Hahaha…I’m sorry for providing such a distraction for you. That site is amazing, though, right? The chocolate/peanut butter recipes on there alone are enough to keep me busy for awhile.

    At least you live with a bunch of boys…they can’t be too picky about their snacks can they? 😉

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