The Name Game

It seems to be one of the first things you start doing when you find out you’re pregnant.  You know what I mean…the search for the right name.

Todd and I started talking about baby names fairly early on in my pregnancy.  We came to an easy and fast agreement on a girl’s name…that should have been our first clue we would be having a boy!  It took much longer to agree to a name for this little guy – but we have finally come to an agreement and I thought it would be fun to share LBH’s actual name with everyone!

Contrary to popular belief – LBH does not stand for anything but “Little Baby Hahn”…sorry!

We have chosen the name Beckett Graham for this squirmy little dude and here’s why –

The name Beckett jumped out at me almost immediately and became one of my top 2 choices.  I absolutely loved the fact that it was unique but not super trendy and common.  I love knowing he (probably) won’t be one of several Beckett’s in his class or go through life known as Beckett H.  We also love the connection with Thomas Becket, a historical figure who stood up for his faith in the face of great opposition and personal danger.

Graham is the middle name of a longtime friend of Todd’s, who has stood with him in good times and bad. We wanted to honor him. Also, Billy Graham’s ministry has had a profound influence on Todd, so this is a way of honoring him as well.

So – there you have it.  Beckett Graham Hahn.  Can’t wait to meet this little guy with a great big name.


3 thoughts on “The Name Game”

  1. Thanks for sharing.. now I have a name to go with my prayers…. Beckett will sound awesome over the Loud speaker as He plays for Carolina TarHeels ;oD
    Again, congrats on this beautiful gift from God!

  2. Hi Ms, Hahn!
    I found your post while googling my own name (to see what podcast people searching for me will see)
    I’ve had this name to myself for over 40 years… I’m happy to see that there is another Beckett Graham on the way!
    Congratulations to you.. and to little Beckett!
    (Mrs.) Beckett Graham, Kansas City

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