Fabric rosettes…Make one (or fifty) now!

These things are cute. And addicting. And did I mention cute?

I was poking around Facebook the other day and saw a FB friend with the most adorable headband I’d ever seen. It was a headband with 3 cute fabric rosettes and I knew I had to find one just like it – so I hopped over to my favorite website EVER and was checking out all the rosette accessories.

I have a problem and it’s called…I think I’m Martha Stewart. I’m nowhere close but that doesn’t really discourage me. So tonight, around 9:30, I decided I would try my hand at these and see how it went. One quick rummage through the garage for old wedding supplies and a jaunt to Walmart (yeah, I said jaunt) and I was well underway.

Side note: YOU GUYS. I went to Walmart for a mini glue gun. I stood in the aisle where there was half a wall dedicated to glue guns of all kinds and sizes. And it was empty. At 9:30 on a Thursday night. Not a single glue gun was to be found. They were ALL SOLD OUT. Was every woman in Ballantyne also trying to make fabric rosettes??? Not to be outdone, I picked up the next best thing.

Once home, I got to work. I was so distressed about Walmart being sold out of glue guns, I forgot to pick up a stupid headband! I made due with some clips and bobby pins though and it was a good place to start.

Finished result – not too bad for my first attempt. I definitely need to practice a few more times until I really get the hang of it – it was pretty easy though and I think you all should try it. Seriously! Go do it! Now!

If you decide you want to try your hand at these too, you can google some tutorials. I liked these 2 the best:

Little Birdie Secrets

Mama Monster


3 thoughts on “Fabric rosettes…Make one (or fifty) now!”

  1. i think the orange one would make a great present! (hint hint)

    they are adorable! maybe you are channeling girl hormones that need cute accessories to adorn silky soft baby hair…..

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