Hi Hat Cupcakes

I like baking cupcakes.  You guys know this.  I do it a lot, but I don’t often blog specifically about cupcakes.  However – I made some Hi Hat Cupcakes today and the process was so overwhelming, and the result so fun…well, I had no choice but to blog and share it with you all.

These things were scary to me. I read and re read the recipe about 25 times. I googled Hi Hat cupcakes and read other recipes. I read reviews from people who had made them. And even though the majority of people said they were incredibly time consuming and virtually impossible, there were enough positive reviews that I remained hopeful – as I tend to do.  (Need I remind you of the annoying Cake Pops attempt?)   That Bakerella…she makes me crazy!

So I started off making a pretty average chocolate cupcake found in the original recipe.

Once there were done and cooled, I began making the meringue frosting. I hate meringue, y’all. It’s seriously difficult and I rarely attempt it. But I gave it my best shot, and it turned out ok. The temperature of the frosting never did reach the 160 degrees it was supposed to, but after beating it (WITH A HAND MIXER…) for no less than 15 minutes…I gave up. I piped the frosting on the cupcakes as high as I could get it. I was petrified the frosting wouldn’t hold, but it did pretty well. Then I popped them in the freezer for about 25 minutes.

After they were sufficiently frozen, I made a chocolate dip – with semi sweet chocolate chips and canola oil. Poured the melted chocolate into a cup and began the even more nerve wracking process of dipping the cupcakes. Surely the frosting would completely fall off and melt into a big, oozy mess in the chocolate, right?

To my surprise (and ok, delight…) it worked! Granted, my meringue didn’t harden like it should have, so the end result isn’t AS perfect and precise as Bakerella’s, but for my first time I was pretty excited!

And just so you can see the true beauty these cupcakes provide, I sliced one open for your viewing pleasure:

I made a few big ones, but mostly mini ones. I figured for my first try, the mini ones would be less anxiety inducing.

If you’re into baking, I totally recommend giving this a go – it was fun, although incredibly stressful! Definitely use the original recipe, and not the Martha Stewart version. For convenience, the link to the recipe is below. Have fun!

Chocolate Covered Hi Hats


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