Happy Fall & Baby’s 1st pics!

You guys made the big announcement so much fun!  Thank you all for your well wishes, kind thoughts and congratulations – we couldn’t ask for a better support system.

This has been one of those perfect fall weeks, right?  The temperature has dropped (FINALLY) and I can legitimately break out my sweaters and boots without looking weird.  I hear Starbucks has the red cups out, though I have yet to hold one in my hands, the stores are filled with Christmas decorations and the air smells like a campfire.  I LOVE it.  The leaves have been so pretty, even just driving around Ballantyne.  I happily exclaimed this morning, “With Halloween over, it is officially holiday time!”  And what’s better than that?

You’ve probably noticed from my Facebook posts that I’ve been a little tornado of baking activity.  Some of you have attributed this to my pregnancy, BUT it’s mostly because we have 47 million apples hanging out here that I have to do something with.  After 2 batches of apple cupcakes, 12 mini apple pies, a loaf of apple bread and some apple cheddar scones, we STILL have so many apples!  I’m not sure what to do with the rest of them, but I’m pretty sure another batch of scones is on the menu.  They were DELISH and so easy.

And just as an update – today we saw little baby Hahn for the first time.  This is such an odd stage of pregnancy – I’ve seen a plus sign on a stick, heard a heartbeat, spend a million and 47 minutes a week peeing, but I can still wear my regular clothes, I can’t feel the baby move and everything else seems pretty normal.  It’s hard to really “feel” pregnant.  Today’s sonogram was a fun little reminder that there is, indeed, a wiggly healthy baby in there.  We saw the arms and feet stretching and kicking and heard the heartbeat.  I’m finishing off today’s post with a few of little baby Hahn’s first photos.

I love this baby already!  


6 thoughts on “Happy Fall & Baby’s 1st pics!”

  1. apple butter. and make me some! i love the stuff.

    i love this baby already too!! can’t wait to meet her!! (i’m thinking positivity in the female department!)

  2. I am thinking girl too Kay!

    And Miranda, will you please teach me how to bake like you? My husband would love you forever! I can make a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies but I have not ventured very much!

  3. I actually thought the first pic said girl too! lol Congrats to you and Todd! What an awesome blessing to your family.

    Can you please send some of those backing skills my way? lol

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