From Royalty to…Rooster?

There are a lot of adjustments when you get married. There are a lot of adjustments when you get married to a pastor. There are a lot of adjustments when you change your name.

My maiden name is Dauphinee, and it means royalty. It comes from a province of France called Dauphine. I think every little girl at one time or another enjoys imagining themselves as a princess.

Disclaimer: The child above is not me. I was a much geekier child. See below.

Another disclaimer: At the time, shemullets were TOTALLY in. And what is cooler than a Jem and the Holograms SWEAT SUIT?? *love*

Oh, I was a geek. I know. I was a geek growing up, and I’m still a geek now except I dress better and have better hair. Kind of.

Anyway, like every girl with royalty in her blood, I needed a prince to sweep me off my feet.

Enter…my husband. Who is Todd Hahn. Hahn, which means…rooster.

Disclaimer: That is NOT my husband.  He is much better looking than a rooster.  See below.

The funny thing is, I have been waiting a LONG time to get married and drop Dauphinee. No offense to my ancestors, but it’s hard to spell, it’s really long and everyone butchers it. (Daphne? Dolphin? Dolphin-knee?) Now that it’s time for me to make the switch, I’m having a hard time letting go of Miranda Dauphinee and so I go by Miranda Dauphinee Hahn.

Which makes me a  Royal Rooster.

Could be worse, right??!


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