My laptop stinks, and I’m uncool

First – does anyone have a computer like this one:

It’s a Dell Inspiron something or other, and I own it. It makes me want to punch things. Last week Todd had to borrow it for work and it made him want to punch things too. It’s possessed. Screens open up for no reason, emails erase or send if you blink wrong and the screen magnification changes if you breathe too hard. I just wonder if we got a faulty product or if Dell actually released such a serious piece of junk.


I digress. Like all other mothers of school aged kids, my mind is on the first day of school. Today was Logan’s first day of 4th grade, and it’s the first year he seems slightly embarrassed by my presence. During the Open House he was mortified to see that I had on a dress, and all the other moms were wearing jeans. So this morning I carefully picked out a pair of jeans, so I would look JUST like the other mothers who were dropping their kids off at school.

I was told there was no kissing and hugging, unless it happened outside the building. And tonight when Todd tried to convince coerce me into joining the PTA, Logan bemoaned his fate of having an uncool Mom like myself present at school activities.

I guess this makes him pretty normal.

But it also means there were some brownies needed in this house tonight. More for me than anyone else 😉


One thought on “My laptop stinks, and I’m uncool”

  1. Aww…but don’t forget, even when he acts like he thinks you’re not cool, he secretly wants to snuggle up with you. 😉

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