5 Reasons Why Vertigo is AWESOME


I’m one of the unfortunate ones who deals with vertigo several times a year.  In honor of my vertigo infused day yesterday, I thought it would be fun to put a little spin on vertigo (pun intended…)

5 Reasons Why Vertigo is Awesome!

5. It’s a much cheaper and safer way to feel drunk.  My life has settled into a nice, quiet little routine and there is no time, energy or desire to go out drinking.  Waking up with vertigo makes me feel like I have been dancing the night away, but with no damage to my bank account…or liver.

4. I can sleep.  A lot.  In fact, it’s basically all I CAN do – because the room seems to constantly spin.  It’s the one time I feel fine about sleeping until noon.

3. It’s the only time I can speak gibberish to my boss and not get in trouble for it.  I had to drag myself into the office for a few hours yesterday afternoon and I babbled incoherently to my boss.  Today I apologized profusely for my inane ramblings.

2. Double vision – it’s kind of great to open my eyes and see TWO iPhones, TWO televisions, TWO wallets, TWO diamond rings on my fingers, TWO sweet husbands doting over me…you get my point.

And, the number one reason Vertigo is awesome…

1. I’ve been humming, “Hello, hello…(Hola!) You’re at a place called vertigo…(Donde esta?)” since yesterday.  Hey if you get a song stuck in your head, it might as well be U2 right??

But seriously y’all – I am nauseous after writing this blog.


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Vertigo is AWESOME”

  1. You should watch Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” next time you have it. That would be cool! Seriously, hope it goes away soon.


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