Thankful on a Thursday

I can’t believe another week has flown by already, but Thankful on a Thursday and I meet again…

45. Date nights!! Todd and I had several this week and they have been wonderful.

46. Wise counsel – blending 2 families is hard work, and I am thankful for the wise counsel of others to help walk us through it.

47. iBooks – I recently discovered this pretty cool little app on my iPhone. Sure it’s no iPad or Kindle, but it’s a similar concept for a LOT less money.

48. Family – my sister and my mother have played the role of super aunt/grammy this week by hanging out with Logan, playing games, going to movies, building forts and going bowling. Because of this, Logan had the coolest week ever and it enabled Todd & I to have time alone, which doesn’t happen very often.

49. Humor – we need and use a lot of it around here. I’m thankful my husband and I crack each other up – a LOT.

50. Unconditional friendship – I have 3 (yes, 3) people in my life that I know I can be unapologetically, unrelentlessly real with and they actually still want to be my friend. I can pour my heart and soul out and not be afraid they are going to run away screaming.

51. Bookstores with comfortable chairs – a great place to go when you need to clear your head

52. Google – Bing, you got NUTHIN.

53. I am TOTALLY thankful that the flowers I planted in our once hideous looking flower boxes are STILL growing and colorful and not hideous looking! And my basil is still growing too! Yippeeeeee.

What is on your list this week?


3 thoughts on “Thankful on a Thursday”

    1. Great one – and funny timing because all afternoon I’ve been humming “You give and take away, you give and take away. My heart will choose to say Lord, blessed be your name…” And NOW it can be stuck in YOUR head too!

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