I have a new BFF

I am loyal to certain brands – you can see my previous blog posts on topics like the Dyson vacuum cleaner and the Keurig coffee maker. I rarely stray from Green Mountain Coffee or Fage greek yogurt.

Sorry, but some brands really just ARE better.

And up until recently, I have been happy with my pink Nalgene water bottle.

That is, UNTIL…I bought this:

That, my friends, is a TUPPERWARE Eco Tumbler. And I LOVE it. The mouth of the bottle is wide enough that I can put handfuls of ice in it at ONE time. With my Nalgene, I had to shove one ice cube at a time inside until my fingers started turning blue from frostbite. Not only can you easily add ice, there is a secret compartment on the bottom where you can put things! What kinds of things you ask?


Today I went running at the Siskey YMCA track. Normally I leave my car unlocked, and throw my keys in that little place on the inside of the car door. But TODAY…I stealthily exited my vehicle, hearing the Mission: Impossible soundtrack playing in my head. Acting cool as a cucumber, I locked my door and then (after sneaking a few glances on either side of me) I nonchalantly and sneakily put my car keys into my bottle’s secret compartment. Without fear, I sat my bottle down on the bench and was able to run without worrying that my super hot, super fancy and super awesome 1997 Honda Civic Coupe would be STOLEN AWAY FROM ME.

Nalgene only wishes they were that cool.

Also – if your Nalgene does super cool things like playing music or opening your garage door, don’t tell me. I’d rather not have my bubble burst.

What’s your new favorite gadget?


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