Thankful on a Thursday

I’ve had a rough week, y’all. I’m exhausted, a little on edge and yeah kind of cranky. It is a bit tempting to glare my eyes at “Thankful on a Thursday”, roll over and take a nap.

BUT – my burdens are lightened today by this verse:

Psalm 30:11-12
“You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, that my heart may sing to you and not be silent. Oh Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever.”

This week I give thanks for:

36. Water – clean, cold, right from the Brita drinking water. Not only is it hot outside, I started the Couch to 5K plan a few weeks ago. This means I’m drinking a lot of water, but in addition to that – I am reminded how fortunate we are to have access to something as necessary and vital as clean drinking water. We are blessed to have a luxury so many people in the world do not.

37. Summer rainstorms – is there a more soothing sound?

38. The C25K app on my iPhone. I know you’re probably all annoyed with my status updates, but I feel like it makes me a little more accountable. This app is so awesome, and it walks me through every change and interval and even counts down so I know how much further I have to mutter under my breath angrily keep going.

39. Volunteers. I don’t care who you volunteer for, but if you give of your time you are basically awesome. And of course a special thanks to the NLC volunteers. It takes so many people to make Sunday happen and I absolutely love seeing so many different people work hard and give of their time.

40. Earth Fare’s coupon deals! This week we totally got some free mozzarella, basil AND turkey bacon! Can’t beat that with a stick! I absolutely LOATHE the grocery store, but I could wander Earth Fare forever…and sometimes I do. Everything is calming, and smells good and it’s quiet and the colors are all soothing and relaxing and stuff and just talking about it makes me want to sneak over there later.

41. Sisters. I love mine. One talks me down from my ledges and the other one doesn’t even yell when I promise to email something several times and KEEP FORGETTING. Oops.

42. Clothes fresh from the dryer. Oh MAN I love when you take something out of the dryer and it’s all warm and clean and nice smelling.

43. A working garage door – ours has been broken for weeks, which didn’t cause much trouble until recently when we couldn’t even open and close it manually. It got stuck in the down position and wouldn’t budge – while I’m grateful no cars were stuck inside…our garbage WAS and it was getting pretty nasty out there! (or, so I’m told. What, you don’t really think *I* was going to investigate smelly garbage do you?)

44. Chocolate – when I was waiting in the checkout line at Earthfare after scoring myself some free mozzarella and basil, I noticed the rest of my purchases were chocolate soy milk, chocolate pudding and chocolate soy crisps. Ah, well.

Go ahead and add your own reasons to be thankful this week!


3 thoughts on “Thankful on a Thursday”

  1. I am thankful for awesome friends who let me borrow their steam cleaner so I can clean my nasty carpet! If not I would have a stinky home with dog pee stains and 2 year old boy disasters all over my house! Thanks Brianne!

  2. Our Earthfare just opened not long ago and I loooove it.

    Also, Karis told me about the couch to 5k thing and I’d love to do it, but timing myself for 60 seconds then 90 seconds, etc. sounds tedious. Sure do wish I had an iphone, that app sounds awesome.

    1. Amy, I don’t know if you have a treadmill – but my sister is doing it on the treadmill and found a way to pull up the program on her laptop and it talks her through it. I’d never be able to run outside without the app, because I think it DOES sound tedious!!

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