Thankful on a Thursday

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means…

(No, it’s not Grey’s Anatomy day – that comes in a few months…)

It’s time for another installment of Thankful on a Thursday, a concept I love from The Outdoor Wife

Continuing from last week:

19. Farmers Markets – I adore them. I love seeing all the local farmers and gardeners out selling their fruits, veggies and herbs. I think the produce we get tastes SO.MUCH.BETTER and it’s pretty inexpensive. For less than $20 last week we got fresh cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, basil, blackberries and homemade bread. Awesome.

20. $20 TV’s from yard sales. Todd scored us a TV for $20 from some friends of ours – I am so excited to have a TV that gives me my very own girly spot in a house full of testosterone. Sometimes a girl just needs a little Bravo in her life.

21. My sunroof – my car isn’t fancy or even close to being new or pretty to look at. In fact, it’s so old it doesn’t have a CD player or even a tape player! But – it has a sunroof and there is nothing better than opening it up and feeling the sunshine mixed with the wind while I drive.

22. Lip Gloss – which makes the list this week because my awesome friend Jess in Vermont apparently WORKS for a lip gloss company/factory/something really cool and sent me a box FULL of them. Just a few minutes ago, I accidentally tipped the box over and now there are containers of lip gloss all over the living room floor. How fun is that?!

23. Fresh flowers – I bought some for our kitchen table recently for $4 and they seriously brighten my mood everytime I look at them.

24. A team of Next Level Church people who are going to South Africa to Give Love Away. I am humbled and inspired by their unselfishness, their willingness to leave behind the familiar and the comfortable to go serve people in need. They will be developing relationships with students and working in orphanages as part of an effort to educate about AIDS and HIV. Please pray for them that they will be protected and strengthened, that they will be world changers and that they will successfully bring a message of God’s love to the people they encounter.

25. As a side note, I asked Logan today what he was thankful for and he told me he was thankful it was almost Friday. That sounds pretty good to me too!

What are you guys thankful for today?


4 thoughts on “Thankful on a Thursday”

    1. There is one in our backyard that we go to every Tuesday (corner of Ardrey Kell and Marvin Rd…in Cedar Walk) and this past weekend we went up to the one off Yorkmont which is MUCH bigger and way more awesome. 🙂

  1. Miranda, I am really enjoying reading your posts! Today I am thankful for the inflatable “baby” pool outside, and the two little guys who are splashing around in it today. $6 well spent!

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