More Toffee Please!

So while Todd loves to channel his inner Gordon Ramsay (think “Simple! Beautiful! Fresh!), I am more interested in finding new things to try in the kitchen and challenge myself.

One year for Easter I made a basket out of bread, similar to this one – only I filled mine with fresh fruits 🙂

Yesterday I challenged myself with 2 recipes that weren’t overly difficult, just new for me. I made a toffee for the first time in my life. I’m not gonna lie – I was totally stressed out about it. I knew that getting the butter and sugar to melt to the candy stage is difficult, and you have to be precise with the heat. I purchased a candy thermometer and got to work.

I used a REALLY easy Paula Deen recipe

(side note: I am SO excited to have a candy thermometer. Who’s a geek? This girl <—–)

Then I added almonds instead of the pecans because no one had a preference and I like almonds better 🙂 You pour the liquid into a heavily buttered cookie sheet (I used a small one, about 13×9) because the comments on the recipe indicated it wasn't a large enough recipe to fill a big sheet.

You put the chocolate chips on top, let them melt and spread them into a yummy, chocolate-y layer.

Let cool, and slice hammer into pieces. 😉 Yum!

Make sure to check out Cloud 9 Confections, which is where I got my inspiration. Everything there looks SO cute and yummy!


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