10 Things No One Told Me About Marriage

Today we celebrate our one month anniversary. And by celebrate I mean go about our normal business. But I got to thinking that there are a few things I’ve learned after saying “I do” that no one told me about.

1. Dinner prep requires step by step instructions that are done in the voices of both Julia Child and Gordon Ramsey. Sometimes interchangeably. You all know I don’t cook so I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on this one…

2. My morning cup of coffee tastes WAY better when someone else prepares it. Todd gets the coffee ready every night before we go to bed, and he even gets out my mug and puts one sugar cube in it, just the way I like it 🙂 Side note: I once mentioned that my favorite part of the Flying Biscuit restaurant was their sugar cubes and he now keeps sugar cubes stocked at the house for me.

3. Reliving wedding day memories hasn’t gotten old…yet. We still want to yell at our DJ. And “Hey There Miranda” is still a really catchy little tune.

4. Sometimes I have to wear jeans, a sweatshirt and wrap myself up in a Snuggie to survive the air conditioning. But more often than not, Todd will sweat it out so that I don’t freeze.

5. It’s one thing to let your ADHD take over when you half paint your OWN bathroom. When you move into the house your husband has previously lived in alone, he MAY not take so well to a half painted bathroom. Oops.

6. When someone introduces me as Miranda Hahn, they are not calling me a name. It actually IS my name.

7. Marriage does not change a person who would rather not play board games into someone who would love nothing more than to play board games with his new wife. Just sayin. But if I am annoying enough, he’ll agree to a round of Scattergories.

8. Snoring does not get quieter after vows are exchanged.

9. Not all husbands leave their socks lying around everywhere. At least, mine doesn’t 😉

10. After forty two thousand hours of hearing the vuvuzelas at the World Cup fill the house, another TV is a NECESSITY not a want.

So, of course – Happy ONE MONTH Anniversary to my very best friend. I am so blessed to call you my husband and am looking forward to many, MANY more months with you 🙂


7 thoughts on “10 Things No One Told Me About Marriage”

  1. YAY for one month!!! I TOTALLY thought raw sugar was your favorite! FAIL! Were you wondering why it was in your wedding gift!? UGH! But I SERIOUSLY remember you getting them a couple of times….perhaps cubes weren’t available!? 🙂

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