20 Things I’ll Never Do

I got this fun idea from my sister’s blog. You should check her blog out here, she’s a much better writer than I could ever dream of being. I think she did 50 Things…it took me long enough to come up with 3 so I’m shortening this list to 20.

So, with no futher ado here is the Bucket List of things that I can safely say I will never do or never do again.
Drumroll please…

1. Dye my hair brown (again) While this is always something I’d wanted to do, when I finally did it, I didn’t feel like myself AT all. And it honestly takes an eternity and a lot of money to go back to my natural color after being a brunette.
Exhibit A:

2. Eat pork – sorry I just have always hated the taste of pork. Bacon, ham, pork chops…gag. I think it’s all nasty. I know this makes me a serious oddball here in the South but I can’t help it.

3. Ride a horse. Ok, I know lots of people LOVE horses but they freak me out.

4. Bungee jump/sky dive – I’m terrified of heights. Bunk beds make my palms sweat. One time I was coerced into trying the skycoaster in Orlando and I think I’m still having nightmares about it.

5. Own a pet. I’ve tried. Pets and I don’t jive. I like other people’s animals – I just am a crappy pet owner and I’m gone all the time and I think pets are better off without me.

6. Like Lady Gaga. Sorry. Her music is catchy at times, but honestly I am bored with the shock value stuff.

7. Stay up all night. I’m just too old for it.

8. Learn to play the guitar. I’ve tried, I really have. And by tried I mean, sort of halfway attempted. I’ve even owned 2 guitars. I just don’t have the attention span I need to, and I get aggravated by how long it takes me to change chords.

9. Reminisce about how much I loved being pregnant. Ok, I love my son beyond words but pregnancy…sucks. 10 years later, and I still remember how much I hated it. Fortunately the end result was worth it…once. 😉

10. Make a lot of money. I’m driven by certain things, and money never has and never will be one of them. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if a big pile of money fell in my lap but I will never work hard to be wealthy.

11. Visit North Dakota on purpose.

12. Be an athlete. I was not born with the whole hand-eye coordination thing that most sports require, so I found my niche in music. I’m ok with it.

13. Miss the snow. I lived with this for 25 years of my life and wouldn’t cry if I never saw the stuff again. EVER. In fact, this picture almost makes me break out in hives.

14. Drink milk. Most disgusting beverage ever. Yeah, I said it. It reminds me of cows – which I know is not that shocking – but it just makes me ill to think about. Besides you know it’s weird that humans are the only species to drink the milk of another animal.

15. Be a clown. I mean, honestly – can you even imagine??

16. Wear an I’m With Stupid shirt. Todd, you can thank me later.

17. Cheer for Duke. I will do this for my husband, who bleeds Carolina Blue.

18. Give up carbs. Come on, bread is just too yummy.

19. Stop saying y’all…because even as a Northerner, I can admit that y’all just sounds better and is spoken easier than YOU GUYS.

20. Write another one of these blogs. Y’ALL have no idea how long this took me to complete. Turns out I would probably do most things at least once.

What about you? What things will you never do (again)…


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