Well, now I’m just mad…

I’m a little mad.

Actually, I think I’m a lot mad.

The reason for this sudden onset of anger, you ask?


I know you are asking yourself how a perfect little gem of a TV show that was dropped from the Fox network heavens could make me so mad. How could an amazing mash up of all things Journey and an “I can’t help but sing along at the top of my lungs” rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody upset me so much…

I’m mad because I’m not ON Glee. I mean, seriously – I practically live the life of a New Directions member anyway. Sure I’m not in high school anymore, and sure I am not a Broadway star who ended up on a Fox show…but if you were a little mouse who lived in my pocket you would totally agree with me.

Every day for me is a performance. It’s not my fault honestly, I was born with this strange penchant for the overly dramatic. When I was younger, my mind would work in story format. For instance, I might say something aloud to my mother and in my mind I would hear, “…she said, happily.”

Even now I like to dance around my house belting showtunes or pop songs or whatever is running through my mind at the moment. These moments have started to decline greatly since my wedding day and the knowledge that my new husband now can SEE me when I do these ridiculous and over the top performances.

Once I participated in Videoke with my friend Karis. The very end of that video shows my dramatic side coming out as I play air drums and air guitar. Note to self: Before you post videoke on youtube, REMEMBER the moment you idiotically played air drums and air guitar. And, if you watch this video you will see why the Glee producers are not knocking down my door.

Also, here’s a secret: Even Todd gets in on the action. He makes up songs for EVERYTHING and even uses different voices for each song. Sometimes I am serenaded with a rap, or a country song, or an over the top operatic broadway musical type piece. Our life is one ongoing episode of Glee – and that’s why I, Miranda Hahn, should appear on the show.

Thank you, that is all.


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