I’m a MRS!

My first blog post as Mrs. Hahn 🙂

People have asked me if I feel differently now that I’m married. I’m not sure how someone SHOULD feel, but I can tell you how I DO feel. Excited. Happy. Sure. Joyful. It feels natural, and good and I know we are exactly where we are supposed to be. Neither one of us had any doubt or hesitation about where we were headed, and I am happy to report that those feelings have not changed 🙂

When I started walking down the aisle on Saturday morning I could not stop grinning. Honestly, if I’d been able to run in that wedding dress, I probably would have. (Not sure my Dad or Logan would have liked that so much though)

We are so filled with gratitude to the countless people who gave of their time, energy, resources and talents to help us pull off our special day. We are continually humbled by everyone who stepped in to help in a million different ways.

When we talk about the ceremony, we describe it as joyful. We both just felt so much joy and love from all of our friends and family who came out to watch us take such an important step together.

On another note, I feel that I need to share with you all that the hours leading up to our wedding were filled with some incredibly difficult and heart wrenching moments. For most of Thursday, Friday and Saturday we felt under attack and ask that if you have been praying for us, that you continue to do so. Things are awesome with Todd and I, and with our children, but there are some very difficult things happening to people extremely close to us.

All in all, we are grateful to have been surrounded by so many people we love this past weekend. Thank you to those who helped make it an almost perfect day for us (I haven’t forgotten the multiple DJ incidents…) and be ready for a full account on my Southern food filled few days in Charleston… 😉

Let’s just say I did things that no vegetarian ever should…


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