Thursday Thoughts

Today is April 15th and do you know what that means??

No, not Tax Day. Well yes, it IS “Tax Day” but today also commemorates exactly one month until I become Mrs. Hahn. And last night commemorated the very first night I had crazy wedding dreams involving my little sister Mikaela and her husband James serenading us during the ceremony with Endless Love, Glee style.


In other news, last night was our final Life Group of the semester, and we met for a little conversation and delicious but oh-so-bad for you Lorenzo’s food. As I sat there happily munching on my eggplant parmesan sandwich, I realized I was going to miss seeing these people on Wednesday evenings. It’s funny how people wiggle their way into your life and become a part of it, sometimes without you even realizing it.

Our Life Group kicked off the semester with a Twitter bird engagement cake – and that was just the tip of the iceberg. We prayed for each other when things were tough, celebrated when triumphs were had, and opened up about life’s highs and lows. I am already looking forward to our next Life Group beginning – to reconnect and to hopefully meet new people as well!

Tomorrow I head out of town with several of my favorite girlfriends – I have not been to the beach in years, and honestly don’t know that I’ve EVER taken a weekend to fully decompress – with zero agenda and zero plans and I am SO looking forward to this. With all the stress and chaos of the last few months, I am really excited that I will have some time to laugh with friends, soak up some sun (hopefully…praying that the isolated thunderstorms in the forecast will magically disappear!) and just breathe deeply and move slowly.

Happy almost weekend everyone!


4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts”

  1. I saw someone with cannelloni last night – looked delicious! Richard M. and I decided we would continue doing the Lorenzo’s gig every other Wednesday or so for whoever wants to join us. I’m sure you’ll be a little busy with wedding plans for a while but after that…

  2. Scott and I were giggling over your dream…and now he’s been walking around the house singing Endless Love. Haaaaaa.

  3. I am so glad you are getting away for a while to rest (hopefully) and have a wonderful trip. Will miss you at church, but soak up some rays for me too. I am so excited for you and Todd. can’t wait , and I know you can’t. I know you will be a beautiful bride. Have fun, Michelle

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