Are You There, Miranda? It’s Me…God

Judy Blume anyone? 🙂

I thought about titling this blog, Are You There God, It’s Me…Miranda – but quickly realized it’s very much the other way around. I’m pretty sure there are times when God is up there looking down on me, hands cupped around His mouth saying, “Helloooo??? Miranda? Where did you go? We were having such great conversation!”

As I move into some new and pretty significant phases of my life, I find myself struggling to feel and stay connected to the very being who brought so many great blessings my way. Anyone else see the irony there? Oh, when we need God we NEED God…but when He answers our prayers, it’s easy to let that closeness and passion take a backseat.

I am certainly no exception to this. How can I stay connected to God in times of chaos, challenge, and just all out busy-ness?? Since we got engaged, Todd and I have been moving through our days at breakneck speed. So much to do, so many people to spend time with, so many things to accomplish. And in a time where the enemy is poised and ready to attack, I find that the connection to God that brought the two of us together is so easily pushed aside.

I talked in an earlier blog about how God doesn’t speak to us all in the same way. And I find that the formula for being and staying connected to God also isn’t the same for everyone.

Confession time: I have to be very, very deliberate in my attempts to commune with God. I have to remind myself constantly. And the things I do that keep me connected often vary from day to day, moment to moment. Sometimes it’s music. (Ok, most of the time it’s music) Sometimes it’s solitude, or prayer, or thought provoking conversation with friends. Sometimes it’s heart to heart conversations with my sister, or sitting in happy, comfortable silence with Todd. Sometimes it’s while I’m driving alone in my car, windows down, sun shining and not a soul around to interrupt me.

The enemy wants to bring us down – he wants to tear our relationships apart, and send us running in the other direction. The only way to fight this is to be on guard, all the time. And to be on guard, you have to be in good fighting shape. Arm yourself with the knowledge that God LOVES you. He loves you and He wants to protect you. You are worthy of His protection, His love and His very presence in your life. Make it a priority to connect with Him as often as you can.

Maybe for you that means kneeling in prayer. Maybe it means blasting Coldplay’s Strawberry Swing and dancing around your living room. (What, it works for me!) Maybe it means reading through some verses of scripture, or soaking up nature, or hugging your child. Whatever it is that keeps you connected – do it. And do it often. Do not underestimate how desperately God wants you to stay connected.

So…what about you? What works for you? What keeps YOU connected to God?


3 thoughts on “Are You There, Miranda? It’s Me…God”

  1. seeing the beauty in nature and talking about it out loud either to myself or whoever is with me. (usually mikey) i think the act of speaking aloud what God makes for me to enjoy, makes me ponder it even more. God loves me so much he put together all those amazing colors for me to see on a daily basis. i don’t have to look and enjoy but oh i so do!

    thanks for the reminder miranda!

  2. Great reminder!
    My hubby and I are entering into a very busy phase of our lives; facing lots of exciting changes from having our second child in a couple weeks to husband going back to school… While God is at the heart of everything happening and it’s all be answers to prayers; it’s so hard to stay connected and focused like I want when there are so many big decisions to make. Which is ironic considering this is when we need Him the most!

  3. I love this post! I can totally relate to really NEEDING God and once my prayers are answered slipping into my old ways. I think for me it’s keeping him as a focus. I have to be very deliberate too! Last month I changed my login page from Yahoo! to scriptures page so that I can be more mindful of reading my scriptures. I noticed I was on my computer ALL of the time doing FB or what ever and I’d spend an hour or more doing useless junk. This has helped me to focus more on the important things and I’ve been learning a lot.

    I’m so happy for you! Congratulations Miranda! I can tell that you are very happy with you’re new man, but also with your relationship with Heavenly Father. I am uplifted by your blog every time I read it. It makes me smile.

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