I would like to apologize…

If you’ve been fortunate (ahem) enough to spend time with me in the weeks since my engagement you may have noticed my conversations go something like this:

“So today I was talking to this client on the phone, and he told me…oh man, don’t let me forget to tell you about this great wedding idea I saw online. Anyway, so this client says, OOOH and that reminds me on etsy today I found a great deal on jewelry. You guys are going to look SOOO cute in your necklaces. Also, I need to go find shoes LIKE RIGHT NOW because I can’t get my dress altered until I find THE shoes so it’s really really important. Can you believe it’s going to be sunny all week? I’m so glad because I really love sunshine. And I was thinking about my invitations – do you think I should mail them out 6 or 8 weeks before the wedding…”

So here is my big, fat, over generalized apology to anyone who has come within a 4 foot radius of me. I can’t promise it’s going to change until May 16th either so you may just want to stay away. 🙂


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