Slip Slidin’ Away…

So, in preparation for our upcoming wedding and subsequent blending of families (read: 3 boys ages 14, 12 and 9) Todd and I went in search of some furniture that would allow everyone to sit down at the same time in his living room. We searched high and low, went into multiple furniture stores and basically we realized that furniture is expensive, y’all!

Just kidding. Well, that is true – but we knew that ahead of time.

We settled on a soft, cushiony, dreamy brown leather sofa that we actually got a really good deal on. (Lest you think we are high rollers, makin it rain all over the Queen City…) I actually resisted leather for a long time, because I’m extremely cold natured and leather furniture is always cold when you first sit down on it! But even I fell in love with this sofa, and when we sat on it, I thought we were sitting on a big, leather-y cloud.

It was delivered yesterday – 15 minutes ahead of schedule which made Todd happy. Since I was at work, Todd texted me pictures and I couldn’t wait to go visit and see our new couch!

Directly after work I popped over to his house to check out our new and first major purchase towards our new life together and I WAS EXCITED. It looked GOOD in his living room.

Let me back up a bit and let you all know that prior to an actual sofa, there was a smallish loveseat there – one that barely allowed for 2 people to sit. Last night, while watching TV – Todd on one side, me on the other, it felt like The Grand Canyon was between us! I felt like we were on two different planets.

Feeling a little blissful and happy about things, I crawled allllll the way over to his side of the couch to lean on his shoulder and rest my head.

And here, my friends, is where we ran into a little problem.

The thing about leather furniture is that it’s SLIPPERY. No matter how I tried to position myself to snuggle up next to him, I kept sliding around. I would end up positioned all wonky and crooked and COMPLETELY uncomfortable.

This is basically how I felt:

Todd assures me that the leather won’t always be so slick, and I won’t slide around so much. I hope so, because I’m used to being quite graceful and composed. (ahem…)


2 thoughts on “Slip Slidin’ Away…”

  1. Ohmygosh, friend, you are so funny! I love reading your blogs. Makes me think I should start blogging…. can ya SEE the big waves crashing ashore? haha
    Congrats on the first big purchase!!

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