Say Yes to the Dress

(Has anyone ever seen this show? Me neither…but it sounded like a good title for this blog)


I have enjoyed most of the wedding planning aspect. Sure, the date of May 15th looms over me in a very, very frightening way, but most of the planning has gone relatively easily and smoothly. When it came to having to look for a wedding dress though, I was terrified.

I considered ordering something very UN bridal online. I was absolutely positive that I did NOT want to walk into a bridal shop and try on wedding dresses. I was panicked by the very thought. I asked friends who had done it to describe their experiences in minute by minute detail.

After a lot of encouragement from some extremely (and I mean EXTREMELY) kind and patient friends, I finally convinced myself that I could do this. Millions of brides before me have done it – and so could I. It would be just fine.


The night my friends came to pick me up for our wedding dress excursion, I may or may not have been eating peanut butter m&m’s from a very large bag and secretly hoping for an alien abduction to take place. We arrived at the store and once I got over the initial shock of a stranger in my dressing room dressing me like a child, I began to secretly enjoy myself.

By night #2, I’m a little ashamed to admit that I was prancing around the store, turning in front of mirrors, soaking up compliments and awed looks from little girls. I was adamant that I wanted a simple, plain,
no-nonsense-non-floofy kind of dress. I turned my nose up at the big skirts, the beading and sparkles.


Then I tried on a dress with just a teeny tiny touch of “floof” and fell in love. It was covered in beautiful beadwork and detail and for the first time I felt positively BRIDAL and quite frankly, a bit like a movie star. I think I might have even shrieked a few times in sheer delight. In a flurry of activity, I was walking out of the store with my very own, nothing at all like I thought I wanted wedding dress.

And I can’t wait to wear it. 🙂


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