I fell…

I fell off the vegetarian wagon tonight.

I am so ashamed. It’s been – I think about a year since I went veg – and I’ve had a few cravings for meat here and there, but nothing I couldn’t control.

Fast forward to tonight…there I was, driving home, veggie sandwich sitting on the seat next to me in the car. It had been a cold, long, rainy day and I felt like rewarding myself for enduring such cold, wet and miserable conditions. How better to do this then with a small order of curly fries from Jack in the Box as a side item for my healthy veggie sandwich. I swung through the drive through, and when the girl welcomed me to Jack in the Box and asked me SO politely if she could take my order, it was as if some alien took over my body and screamed CHICKEN FINGERS PLEASE.


I know what you are thinking. You’re saying, “Miranda! If you are going to jump back on the carnivore wagon, you better start small! Eat a little bit of grilled chicken on a salad or something! You don’t start off with nasty chicken fingers from a fast food place!”

LOOK, I KNOW OK? It wasn’t as if I planned it this way. I didn’t MEAN for it to happen. I PLANNED to treat myself to a SMALL ORDER OF DELICIOUS AND CRISPY CURLY FRIES. But somehow, I ended up at home with chicken fingers. And a small chocolate shake.


I ate a few of the chicken fingers before realizing that they didn’t actually taste ALL that great. I sat and waited with fearful trepidation, expecting some kind of horrible reaction to such a foreign substance. I texted my boyfriend and told him I would keep him posted. Then I did what any normal person would do when waiting to see how their body will respond to meat after a year without it. I went to Books-a-Million to look at magazines and sip coffee. (Sidenote: Whoever named Books-a-Million, come on. Really? That’s the best you could come up with? What if Target had gone with EverythingYouNeed-a-Million? Or if Best Buy had gone with Electronics-a-Million? Or Hallmark went with Cards-a-Million…ok, you get my point.)

So here I am, hours later and I have survived to tell the story. It wasn’t a death defying experience like I was expecting – just a little discomfort and faint feelings of queasiness. At least now I know my first few bites of meat didn’t rock my world, and maybe I’m not missing out like I apparently suddenly felt like I was.


One thought on “I fell…”

  1. it could have been worse! your boyfriend could have gotten you to eat a corndog from cookout! 🙂

    and books a million – what happens when they get that 1 billionth book? will they have to change the name? maybe then they will be able to come up with something a little more clever

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