Oh Happy Day

You may remember an earlier blog in which I brazenly declared my love for a Dyson vacuum cleaner. I feel that it’s time I let you all know that I am writing the Dyson a Dear John letter because I have found a new love. It’s not the Dyson’s fault really as I’m the one who has harbored warm and fuzzy feelings for quite some time now. I was introduced to my new love in February of 2008 and have maintained a respectful distance filled with secret yearning ever since.

But finally – FINALLY – I am able to go public with my feelings. Right this very moment, downstairs in the kitchen stands my handsome, sleek and fashionable love interest.

The Dyson can’t hold a candle to the Keurig. I know what you’re saying – it’s not fair to compare the two. They are nothing alike, but are both valuable. They bring totally different things to the table. And you’re right – that’s all true. But how can I love a machine designed for cleaning when there is a machine designed for brewing the world’s most delicious beverage – a machine designed to pour steaming, fair trade certified, warm-you-from-the-inside-out liquid into a smooth, ceramic mug, one freshly brewed 8 oz serving at a time? I’m helpless to resist it’s charms. Oh, Keurig Mini – I love you so. Merry Christmas to me, everybody 😉

In other news…
It’s been almost 2 straight months since I’ve blogged. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to blog – I have spent countless hours (ok more like countless minutes) trying to come up with a blog post. I have thought and thought and thought about what I could say and honestly, there has been nothing that has piqued my interest enough to write about. That in and of itself seemed odd, considering my blog posts are about meaningless topics like bananas, bugs and cheez it crackers. After some serious soul searching and meditation (ie quick chat with my boyfriend), I realized it’s possible that my charmingly witty yet savvy sarcastic side is fading quickly because I’m so ridiculously happy. My life is still – and probably always will be – just a touch ridiculous (for example: my DMV battle continues a mere 15 months after it began, when I failed to come to a full and complete stop turning right on red). But amidst the utter ridiculousity (a word I want to take credit for making up, but is listed on UrbanDictionary.com so I guess I can’t) of my life, there are some really great things happening. My son is developing a relationship with his Dad, which is good no matter how you look at it, even if it means I’m lonely and sad sometimes. God is doing incredible things in and with my life – things that don’t come without a little challenge, but are huge blessings regardless. I am learning a lot about myself, about who I am and how I fit into the universe and it’s been rewarding in every sense of the word.

Yesterday, a lot of us celebrated Christmas – a holiday designed to remind us of the biggest gift of all. A Savior given to the world, who would suffer our sins, our pain, our heartache – to offer us grace, and an unconditionally loving relationship with God, our Father. It’s easy to get caught up in the consumerism, the new gadgets, the biggest sales, the tales of Santa and Rudolph, the cookies and fudge and big Christmas meals. About a week or so ago, I found myself suffering from a little bit of Scrooge-ishness and got into a debate with my boyfriend about how we have forgotten so much about what Christmas represents. How it seems we worship Santa more than a Savior and XBox 360’s more than his birth. I was appalled at how the day has become a time where people are given extravagant gifts – toys and clothes and gadgets – for doing nothing…gifts we shower lavishly on one another simply for being in existence. And my boyfriend so graciously reminded me that the gift of Grace, that was given to us in the form of a tiny baby was a gift none of us deserved. It was a gift more lavish and extravagant than any of us could even imagine or comprehend, and one that we have done nothing to earn. And what could be better on Christmas than our attempts at showering our loved ones with extravagance simply because they exist?

Sure, consumerism has taken over more than it should. And sure, a lot of people will never crack open a bible or attend a church service on Christmas Eve. But he got me thinking (he gets me thinking more than I’d like to admit…) about gifts and presents and extravagance. As a parent, is there a better moment than watching your child open up a present – something they have dreamed about and wanted and asked for and eyed at the store every time you walked by…a gift you saved for and purchased in secret, kept hidden from them until you wrapped it up carefully in a beautiful package, complete with a bow. What is more fun than the look on their face as they tear open the present with reckless abandon, as their eyes widen and squeals of delight come from their mouth…I imagine God feels the same joy when we realize and accept the amazing gift of Grace. He’s had it sitting there, waiting for us – wrapped up and ready to be accepted. And when we do – when we finally stop eyeing it suspiciously – I imagine him grinning and clapping and feeling pure and utter joy.

So today I ponder the gift of Grace, and how I can remember it on a daily basis. How I can use it and show my gratitude for it more than I do now. Christmas is a happy time of year – as much for the sales and presents as the meaning behind it. The challenge then of course, is to remember the extravagance of Christmas on every other day of the year and be that selfless and giving more than we’d like to.

Merry Christmas friends!


3 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day”

  1. I love this. So beautifully written and crafted and one of the best one sentence summaries of the Gospel you’ll ever see. Plus, this boyfriend of yours sounds like one sharp cat! 😉

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