A Very Important Letter

Dear United States Department of Agriculture,

Did you realize that the Food Pyramid was first published in 1992? Sure, I know there are updated versions put out every 5 years, but I’m thinking this “food pyramid” might be a little bit antiquated. Hear me out. It’s very apparent from just one quick glance at the USDA Food Pyramid, that something is lacking.

It’s pretty obvious to me what is glaringly MISSING from this diagram. The CHEEZ-IT cracker food group. I mean, hello? You have an entire section for OILS, fats and sweets? I know what you’re thinking – the cheez it cracker could be considered bread, cereal, rice or pasta. Or maybe it even fits into the cheese and dairy group. But I petition you to consider a group all it’s own. It’s a good cracker with a solid crunch, delicious cheese flavor and plenty of varities to choose from. It stands on it’s own, and there is no other cracker or snack food that compares.

It’s true that the Pepper Jack Cheez It is not the best choice for a breakfast food, especially when accompanied with hot coffee but I won’t make that mistake again. The Pepper Jack Cheez It IS delicious in potato soup – it stays crunchy, not like the saltine cracker which turns to mush, and it has a spicy little kick to it.

My point is simply this, please give the Cheez It some consideration when you update the Food Pyramid again in 2010. One gaze of this salty, cheddar-y, crunchy little square, followed by some careful deliberation and taste testing, and I think you will agree with me.



A Cheez It obsessed but totally normal cracker consumer


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