Let’s Recap, shall we?

October has been an exciting month so far – and I know, I know…it’s not over yet but I feel like I have so much to report on, I just can’t wait any longer!

Probably my biggest highlight this month was seeing my favorite author come to speak here in Charlotte.

Ta DA!

It’s Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz, Searching for God Knows What, To Kill a Dragon and A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.  I love this guy.  I think he’s fantastic actually – and while I have appreciated his writing for awhile, it wasn’t really until I stumbled across this great little thing he does called The Mentoring Project (http://www.thementoringproject.org/) that a deep admiration started to build.  Pretty awesome, right?  So anyway – I got to go hear him speak, and dragged along my boyfriend and we met up with some friends.  Basically, Don talked about this concept of “Story” and that we each have one.  He talked about how in order to live a good “story”, it’s important to serve others and embrace conflict, to live life and not just exist in it.  It was awesome, and I would do a crap job trying to explain it any further than that, so I won’t.  But you should check out his tour dates and see if he’s coming to a city near you.  Then go see him.  Or at the very least, buy the book.

Then, I got offered a job with Emerson Joseph.  This is pretty amazing considering the economy, and the fact that I up and quit my last job just because I hated it.  I had no great reason to explain to prospective new employers why I left a job in Human Resources at a time when jobs are not easy to come by.  Yet, I was somehow blessed to interview with the kind of company that embraced my very reasons for leaving a perfectly good job in Human Resources.  I start on Monday.  I left the corporate work place because I’m not a corporate girl – yet all of my work and career experience has kept me on the corporate path.  You know how it is, one job leads to another and another and pretty soon you’re pigeon holed.  But I was miserable, so I took a HUGE leap of faith (one that included a possessed laptop sending a resignation letter by itself) and have found not one, not two, not three but FOUR income earning opportunities that allow me to be ME.  Nose piercing, tattoos, pink hair and all 😉  Ok, in all honesty it’s one full time, one part time and two super sporadic kind of work from home type jobs, but the point is that I’m going to be fine.  Better than fine, because I honestly think I’m really going to enjoy being able to work in an environment where I’m not confined to a box and have the ability to be a little creative.  And for that, I am super grateful!

Sometimes, it’s pretty obvious that God is smiling down at you.  I have felt that over the past few months, and it feels kind of surreal at times.  I’m used to living a life where I am constantly overcoming catastrophe after catastrophe after catastrophe.  (That’s hard to type 3 times fast…) I feel like I’ve had almost 6 months of calm.  Sure there have been ups and downs, but it feels like pretty smooth sailing for the most part and I am really excited about what that all means.  Or maybe I should be frightened?  🙂

And, I know I started this blog talking all about the highlights of October, but frankly I just realized it’s midnight and I’m exhausted.  Also I have to get up early tomorrow and go sing my heart out for Crosspoint Church and I really need some sleep.  Maybe tomorrow I can do a Part 2.


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