My Love

Let me introduce you to my new love.


Ok, this spectacular hard bodied specimen doesn’t actually belong to me – it’s my parents vaccuum cleaner.  But I stole it on Monday and I’m not sure I am going to give it back.  Sure their entire house is carpeted, and I only have 2 rooms with carpet…and sure they are the ones who actually shelled out the $400 or whatever for the vaccuum, and sure stealing is bad but I LOVE THIS VACCUUM CLEANER.  I mean, I love it inappropriately.  Look how pretty it is, all shiny and yellow – and it moves so smoothly and gracefully across floors.  It even vaccuums my (fake) hardwood floors without blowing dirt and dog hair all over the place like most vaccuums do.  When I went to empty it, a real live WOOKIEE fell out.  I’m not even kidding.


When I have to return the Dyson, I’m going to be heartbroken.  I’ve already gotten my Endless Love Soundtrack ready to go and plan on crying for the entire day.  Sometimes it’s better just to grieve than to try to bury your emotions. (Insert movie reference here: “Friends don’t let friends listen to Endless Love in the dark”…2 pts if you know it)


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