What Little Girls Are Made Of

This morning I was driving to work with a monster sized headache. You know the kind where your whole body aches and it makes you nauseous? I hate feeling like that as soon as I wake up, but that’s what happened to me today. So there I was, driving down Pineville-Matthews Road, rummaging around in my purse for my iPod when my fingers closed around – what is that…is it…could it be…YES! ADVIL LIQUI-GELS! Woooot. For the first time possibly ever I felt like a REAL GIRL!

There are real girls among us. I even know some. The kind of girls that have purses with a hundred compartments and each compartment holds something different and organized. They have tissues and chapstick, makeup, 3 different flavors of gum, Altoids, tampons, Advil, Benadryl, a Tide pen, a book to read when they are stuck in line at places like Walgreens or the DMV. Pens, notebooks, coupons, calculators, a cell phone, a spare set of keys, etc etc etc. Everything has it’s place, and everything is in there. It doesn’t matter what you need, you can find it in a real girl’s purse.

Here’s my purse du jour. By du jour I mean, du MONTHS. I’ve been carrying this thing around for a few months now. It’s cute, right?



I know, I love it.  It reminds me of summer.  Which reminds me since summer is slipping away from us, it’s time to dig out another bag.  Anyway, I digress…as usual.  Inside MY purse (which is not the purse of a real girl, let me assure you) you will find mostly junk.  No, it’s true.  I’ll prove it to you:



Ok so you can see there are a few important items in there – my wallet, my iPod, a little make up bag (gift from Acey!  woot woot).  But hiding down in there are wrappers and crumpled up pieces of paper, a hundred receipts I’ll never need.  There are probably no pens in there, but you might find a few pen caps.  Lots of loose change banging around, and maybe even a pair of tweezers – be careful if you rummage around in there too much because you might get poked.  I do have a bottle of Purell and some chapstick, and I just noticed there are a few containers of eyeshadow sliding around too. 

I never have what I need in my purse.  I always have a million things in there that I don’t need or will EVER need, but I never have anything useful.  So what are little girls made of?  Sugar, spice and everything nice?  Nah.  This little girl is made of pen caps, wrappers and everything mussy 😉


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