I got a present…

…in the form of a church.

It’s true.

The other day I was driving along, just minding my own business and contemplating life as I often do. I question everything, wonder about everything, think about everything. It can get a girl into trouble sometimes – but this time it was a beautiful little revelation. I was thinking back about my life and where I was at a year and a half ago. The person I was, the events in my life, the feelings and emotions I was going through. I had just experienced some really difficult things and was feeling hopeless, discouraged and the kind of lonely that settles deep inside your bones and promises to stay awhile. It was in this moment that God gave me a gift to let me know he knew me, and like a selfish child I didn’t even realize what a gift it was until just recently.

My church – a growing little body of Christ – a group of people who are broken and imperfect but are relentlessly pursuing a perfect God – they fell into my life quite unexpectedly through a Craigslist ad. Chuckle away, but it’s absolutely true. Ask my friends, and they’ll back me up here – I’m way convinced God speaks through Craigslist! (Lest you think my church was advertising services on Craigslist or something, please know that they were actually looking for musicians and female vocalists and that is how I got involved…) I knew right away this was a different kind of church. Logan and I fit in like a missing puzzle piece, and they made way for us. We were welcomed with open arms, with smiles and gentle encouragement. We were welcomed with jokes and laughter, friendship and love. I knew I had struck gold, but honestly until recently I don’t think I quite understood how deeply these people would affect my life.

It’s rare to find true and genuine community. I’m beyond fortunate to have found what I did. When I think back over my time at Crosspoint Church – when I reeeeally think, I can see my life being changed one tiny step at a time. How I’ve come to know God more intimately, how I’ve come to understand more than ever what it means to be a follower of Christ. How even though I’ve come a long way, I still have a staggeringly long way to go in this journey and how there are no other people I’d rather take the journey with.

So the question begs – What do you do, when you’ve been given such a gift?

You don’t take it for granted, that’s what. And you thank God each and every day for giving you such a rare and precious thing. And you let each person know how much they are valued, and how much you appreciate the role they’ve played in changing your life. So here is my Thank You, because I’m better at blogging it than actually saying it.



2 thoughts on “I got a present…”

  1. We are still seeking a church home that fits our needs, and I miss the one had finally found in FL before we moved. YAY for you and your church home. 🙂

  2. Miranda, I am so glad that we were working together during this time. I remember you telling me about Cross Point and then us figuring out our churches had something in common. I’m encouraged to hear what great things God has done in your life – even if from afar. Keep blogging! You have a gift for writing.

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