If I had five hundred dollars…

For every time I came up with a genius idea, I’d be a five hundredaire. 

I WOULD!  Maybe a thousandaire, I gotta give myself some mad props for more than one idea.

So…picture this.  You’re on the 12th floor of your sterile and cubicle ridden office building.  You can’t see out the windows, and your cube neighbors are chomping noisily on fritos, listening to Kenny G or napping.  (Side note: I totally had a coworker who napped in her cube.  She would turn towards her computer screen so it looked like she was awake, but she WASN’T!  She was totally sleeping!  No one EVER caught on but me.  Man, it’s good I’m not a snitch with B, know what I mean?)  Anyway there you are, stuck in your cube.  It’s not even 9am yet and you are jonesin for a really good cup o’joe.  Now, you have a few options here – you can trudge to the office kitchen for that cup of slightly more watery than tar crap that gets purchased in 42 gallon tubs at Walmart OR you could take an extra long trip to the bathroom (read: Starbucks) (also read: So sorry Mr. Boss Man but I seriously had a FEMALE EMERGENCY and that’s why I’ve been gone so long.  I’ve never tried it, but I “hear” this excuse is a good one).  I suppose you could also talk the unpopular coworker into making a coffee run (Don’t judge me, you’ve all been there.  The unpopular coworkers will do just about anything to gain approval)  You could call your boyfriend and make false promises to get him to bring you a quality cup of joe…


You COULD call up that really awesome totally genius company that delivers coffee to your doorstep! 

If you live in Charlotte and steal my idea I will hunt you down, punch you in the throat AND give you the mother of all swirlies.  I swear I will.  So I had this super idea, right?  Coffee delivered to your doorstep?  People laughed at me, but my friend Jamie and I are hell bent on this being a pretty darn genius idea.  It’s true that we both work, but we spend many hours concocting ways to work in our pj’s, or at the very least outside in the sunshine and still make a living.  We have been daydreaming about owning our own coffee shop where eclectic hippies and fair trade coffee collide.  Some people are born to be free spirits and she and I were cut from the same cloth.  Wow what an idiotic line – can’t believe I just threw that out there. 

Anyway – so there I was sharing my genius freakin idea, and getting laughed at by several when I took it upon myself to google this genius freakin idea to see if anyone else had thought of it.  Turns out there is another company that does it!  Check em out if you live in AZ.  So then I got kind of excited and shared my discovery with my from anotha mista sista Jamie.  We’ve been googling our little hearts out trying to figure out how we too could have this awesome business.

I think we decided we only need about thirty grand.  So…anyone want to back us?

What?  What?



3 thoughts on “If I had five hundred dollars…”

  1. Mir, you know I’ve got your back on this one……………………….okay maybe not the “back” you are looking for, but I support you through and through!! Good luck with it though, for real it’s a great idea. I would order some organic grounds if they were delivered to my classroom by some hot chicks in an eco-friendly car (can you tell I live in VT?) any day of the week. I mean I tip those idiots behind a counter anyway, so it might as well be for a good service reason! Love ya 🙂

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