Rockin’ Rollercoaster

Ever get this feeling that something is about to shake loose in your life? 

I’ll be honest – much of my life I’m wandering around feeling like a Judy Blume novel reincarnate, looking at the sky, shaking my fist and yelling, “Are you there God?  It’s me!  Miranda!”  

And even after I waited in the darn queue line for an eternity and heard all the safety instructions, I hopped into the front seat of the roller coaster of life, and forgot to buckle up…and that means everytime life takes a nasty turn I’m hanging on by my fingernails and screaming bloody murder.  I read this blog last week about the difference between being a spiritual orphan and being a daughter (or son) of God.  I strongly encourage you to check it out here.  It’s a pretty intense checklist and if you’re totally honest, I bet it will smack you in the face like it did me.  I read it, and started feeling fairly uncomfortable pretty quickly.  I am SO ready to put my orphan status behind me, and embrace what is rightfully mine as a daughter of God.  Honestly, it feels a little silly to be sitting here acknowledging that He is offering me more than I deserve and I’m behaving like a spoiled child and stomping my feet. 

It’s fun to wander through life not asking yourself the hard questions.  Living in the bubble of self absorption is enticing, easy, usually more fun and honestly – pretty empty, but it doesn’t require much effort.  Being a daughter of God (or a son) requires work, startling self awareness, and serious motivation.  The more I learn about God, and of being a Christ follower the more tempting it is to run the other way. 

The craziest part about all of this, is that God gets what He wants regardless of how much we stomp and cry and shake our fists.  He’s got this all planned out, and we can ball up in the fetal position screaming our heads off, or we can jump into the front seat of the roller coaster (FIRMLY buckled in) and be taken along for an exhilirating- terrifying-what in the world is happening-kind of ride. 

And I don’t know about you, but I’m buckling up.  Because I want to be in the front row, with the best view.


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