HEY (is for horses)

It’s Friday!

This may be one of the worst and strangest weeks of my life in recent history – and I’m ecstatic that it’s over.  I am grateful to have avoided arrest and jail time, grateful to the (I grudgingly admit this…) good looking cop who pulled me over and acknowledged I’d never survive a night in jail, grateful to friends who taxi’d my butt around town getting this error straightened out, and grateful to the person who gave me my new license.  I have to admit it’s the best driver license photo I’ve ever had done:


Address and license number blacked out to protect the innocent (I don’t need any crazies at my house, ok?) 

Stef told me the other license looked like I had a fat suit on (she also made me promise that if I told that story that I informed everyone she insists it didn’t look LIKE me at all)  I would agree with her though – the pic was so close up, and I did look pretty puffy.  Puffier than normal, anyway 😉  So a big thank you to the DMV for that, even though I am mentally flipping off all of the agencies that were involved in my near arrest and the loss of my driving privileges.  Totally not my fault!  Baby tigers are expensive y’all!  (That’s for you, Stef!)

It’s been 28 days since Logan took off for Vermont.  I hear he’s doing well, though he avoids the phone at all costs.  Oddly, I feel ok not talking to him  because I know he must be having fun.  I miss his little voice, but am reassured that he’s too busy having fun to talk to ol’ Mom.  I am hoping that he won’t be taller than me when he comes home – that kid is going to surpass me soon and I might cry over that.

My dear friend Stef and I love to talk about church and religion and Christianity…ok, well I love to talk about it – it’s possible she just humors me but I *think* she enjoys it too.  Today we discussed for a little while how many lives would change if people were real.  One of the (many) reasons I love Crosspoint so much is because when I started attending, I was able to form a group of amazingly awesome friends who were REAL.  There were no false pretenses, no perfect facades.  They were real, honest and broken people who accepted the same in me and encouraged me to break down walls and barriers.  One of those awesome and amazing friends told me recently, “At some point you are going to have to start believing what people say!  It seems you’ve been lied to in the past…which explains skepticism…and it’s very understandable….but be careful.  In order to love…you will first have to learn to trust.”

(Have I mentioned how awesome my friends are?)

I love that I have friends who can be honest with me and call me out on stuff.  What kind of friendship is one without true, honest accountability?  I have been thinking a lot about her words and have recognized their truth.  But I also know that I would never be able to do that without a community of people to encourage me through it. 

What’s the point of all this rambling?  I don’t know.  I have a lot of thoughts swirling and swishing around in my head all day long – it helps to get it out.  But I also hope to encourage YOU, dear reader, to find community.  However you choose to find it, just do it.  We are built to need one another, to lean on each other and to form and have relationships with each other.  It’s scary and hurtful, difficult and stressful but every now and then you realize how worthwhile it all is.


2 thoughts on “HEY (is for horses)”

  1. I CANNOT believe you told the fat suit story. AHHH! That makes me sound TERRIBLE…

    And no, I’m not just humoring you…you know I’m always up for a good chat! 🙂

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