Hey Baby, let’s go to Vegas

I’ve been trying to blog half the night.

Truth is, I’ve got nothing to say.  So here are the highlights from the last month, in bullet form (my favorite).  And just for Stef and my fellow Twitter friends, I’m hashtagging them too.

*i miss my kid something fierce.  i’m cresting the hill of the “who am i” phase.  #dysfunctionsucks

*my landlord keeps skirting around my sewage issues.  #whowantstopayrentforcrap

*i just saw the following on my little brother’s FB page, regarding a comment I made: “meow how hot is ur sister wow baby”  #creepypeoplesuck

*witnessed acey and mike become mr and mrs.  love them both very much and couldn’t be happier for them.  also, she kinda forced me to sing a capella at her wedding which was both terrifying and mean but i love her anyway.  #somepeoplereallyneedbackup

*found out my license was revoked due to some negligence on the part of traffic court.  #thatsmystoryandimstickingtoit

*have spent the last 2 days trying to clear up above issue #bureaucracysucksandihatethedmv

*saw a midget grooming sign today in stallings?  monroe?  #totallynotlyingcheckthetwitpic

*i think way too much #thinkingisdangeroustomyhealth

*trader joe’s shiraz is good medicine for the soul #cheapwinestilldoesthejob

*since my license is accidentally revoked, i’ve been housebound since i was almost accidentally arrested on saturday.  #thinkimightbegoingcrazy

*i have really, really great friends who offer to taxi me around #cuefriendsthemesongi’llbethereforyouwhentherainstartstofall

*i’m way too addicted and entertained by meaningless and silly hashtags #stefistoo

*i missed church last week due to the whole housebound thing and i feel a little lost #enjoysjimmysmessages

*i am very excited about this sunday’s set list #awesomechicksongsrockthanksscott

*i’m digesting a lot of information tonight #sorryforcrytpicblogposts

*had a great time visiting ash and bobbie in vermont.  miss those momma friends of mine, and that gorgeous vermont summer weather #stillhaventforgottenthegodawfulwinters

*i’m excited for don miller to come speak in charlotte even though it’s not until october #hesmyhero

Ok friends.  I’m headed back to George Clooney and Brad Pitt stealing money for fun.  Peace out.



3 thoughts on “Hey Baby, let’s go to Vegas”

  1. I officially cyber-stalked you.
    don’t judge me…we all do it.

    your blog is officially at the top of my list.
    being in your head for a minute (or a half an hour, stop judging me) made me feel ok in the cluster flurk of my own

    thank you!


    Maybe the most AMAZING blog post ever in the history of blog posts. #whyarehashtagssofun #i’mgladsomeoneelsehasmysenseofhumor

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